The Spraystream 80i is used for very large open areas and belongs to the range of large units.

The unit tackles large dust problems in an efficient way with a minimum of water. This unit can be used for odor controldust control and cooling.

The Spraystream 80i is a dust suppression machine that generates a consistent stream of microdroplets to capture airborne dust particles and to prevent the escape of fugitive dust. This misting cannon is used for very large open terrains. This unit belongs to the larger types of misting cannons in our range. The unit efficiently reduces dust emission with a minimum of water. The machine is applicable for dust– and odoursuppression and cooling.

  • Throw :  80 m
  • Pressure : 18 – 20 Bar
  • Waterflow* : 4500 L/h (at 20 Bar)
  • Oscillation

*  Waterflow can be adjusted according to the application

  • Length 1800 mm
  • Width 1600 mm
  • Height  2300 mm
  • Weight 625 kg
  • 3 x 400V
  • Connection  63 A

Other voltages are also available

  • Pressure sensor
  • Watervalve
  • Remote control
  • Lifting bracket
  • Vertical electrical movement
  • Splitable nozzle-ring
  • Angle detector
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet
  • 3-wheelset
  • Phase control relay
  • Saltwater-connectors
  • Waterdrain
  • Extra epoxy coating