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Copper News:

2021 was a record year for commodities prices, especially in the Copper market. With supply chain disruptions, rising inflation and the continued increase in global demand as result of economies opening up and starting to ease off on pandemic related shutdowns, copper reached an all time high in May 2021, hitting $10,747.50 a tonne. The Copper market has been in backwardation for a few months, with Spot prices trading above futures contracts as a result of short physical supply globally.  With the tight squeeze on supplies and the overall sentiment around Copper’s fundamental role in global green energy transtion, a Goldman Sachs note in mid-December said: “We continue to forecast copper prices rising to $15,000 by 2024 and even higher through 2025.” Prices remained relatively stable in December, with lower trading levels occuring over the Christmas and holiday period towards the latter half of the month. The tug of war between negative Chinese economic environments on one side, and the positive sentiments around the green energy transitions on the other will continue to play out on Copper prices going into 2022.

Talking Points:

2021 was not a year for the faint hearted. Covid unfortunately remained a part of our daily lives, from dining room table conversations through to global markets. As we move into 2022, we enter the year with an ever so cautious optimism and hope that the worst of the pandemic is behind us as and that we can move from a pandemic to endemic mind set. With the recovery in economic activity seen during 2021, we are now starting to see more sustained pressure and upticks on prices and inflation. After years of “easy money” policy, central banks around the world are facing a mounting tide of inflationary pressure which may see interest rate hikes sooner than expected. Tighter monetary policy will no doubt place strain on businesses across the globe. This year we will be closely monitoring global market sentiments to keep you in the loop about the news moving markets and beyond.

New In Mining:


When we go to the shops each day, we rarely pick up food or goods and think to ourselves “where is this from, or how was it made?”. Although the advent of the words “Free Range” and “Organic” are becoming more popular on labels around the world as we become more conscious of our choices, the decisions we make impact the world around us, even if we don’t see it. Drawing a parallel to the mining world, within the framework of ESG, it is often said that much of the commodities supply chain does not yet have a robust system in place to take into account the ESG characteristics of the commodity being purchased. How can we create transparency into every single step of a products journey? For instance, how can I know that the Cobalt used in my Electrical Vehicle’s battery was sustainably mined and produced? We came across a great research article by Catherine McDonald, a PhD candidate at the University of St. Gallen, where she works at the Institute for Business Ethics (IWE). Her research into the potential for blockchain technologies to revolutionize supply chains in the Cobalt sector are a fascinating read. You can take a more in depth read here: