Specialised Maintenance Contracts

We have a database of highly skilled contractors with experience across all major open cast mining equipment and vehicles. No matter where you are we can source the right people to your operation.

Through many years of working in the mining sector we have built a network of highly qualified and skilled personnel. We specialise in Technical Advisors, High Voltage Electricians, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Boiler Makers and Mechanical Technicians. Whatever you need we have the right person for the job.

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    Technical Advisors

    Leadership: Our highly trained AMSI Technical advisors Provide technical leadership to ensure our project teams are on-schedule to deliver all projects timeously. They oversee all aspects of any undertaken projects and execute them according to plan. Leaders take responsibility for design integrity of Control Systems, engineering scope, performance of assigned staff and work within budgets, leading technical presentations to Clients and their representatives as required.

    Guidance: It falls on all our technical leaders to provide guidance to our project teams, thus allowing all members of our teams to grow and understand each project. This guidance allows our teams to deliver all projects on time, every time.

  • High-Voltage-Electrical-Technicians-e1605005283108

    High Voltage Electrical Technicians

    Intellection: Our Skilled HVET are not only qualified but out of the box thinkers, there is no problem that cannot be solved when our team undertakes projects, we create solutions to ensure our clients are satisfied in all aspects of our work.

    Maintenance & Service: Our HVET are qualified to maintain and repair all electronic components used in any equipment or device that involves electricity. They often work with electricians or electrical engineers on site to keep machinery and specialty equipment running correctly ensuring minimal down time to our clients.

  • Heavy-Duty-Electricians-e1605005214205

    Heavy Duty Electricians

    Troubleshooting: All our HDE follow a strict process when addressing any project. Through years of experience our HDE know where to look for all electrical faults on mining and maintenance equipment. Our HDE are also responsible for preparation of all electrical spares for stock and backlog management.

    Servicing: Our highly qualified HDE allow us to carry out all electrical repairs on mining and maintenance equipment giving our clients piece of mind that all equipment on site is running at optimal efficiency. AMSI’s electricians act as leading hands attending to all mechanical and electrical field breakdowns effectively & efficiently.

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    Boiler Makers

    Boiler Makers are vital. In fact, without them the industry would not be able to run. They are involved in design, construction and maintenance and repair. All aspects needed for a sustainable operation.

    Design: AMSI has a team of out of the box thinkers with many years of experience allowing our Boiler Makers to design solutions around different metal work products and projects.

    Fabrication: Our boiler makers have helped construct mobile workstations as well as been involved in on site construction projects, helping all clients maintain efficiency in the workplace.

    Maintenance & Servicing: Our boiler makers are well versed when it comes to maintenance or repair of different metal products by joining parts using a variety of welding methods, either manually or by using machines.

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    Mechanical Technicians

    Accountability: AMSI Mechanical Technicians take accountability for all work, it is our techs Responsibilities and Duties to check equipment and operating systems and correct wherever necessary. Ensure mechanical operations, standards and controls are maintained at high quality.

    Support: Our highly qualified team of mechanical technicians ensure high level technical support to lower level technicians. This allows us to educate and grow all staff on site.