TankGuard – Bulk Storage Monitoring

Add a TankGuard to your existing gauges to get a real time, web based view of your entire business.

All Your Sites – all Your Tanks – all the Time …

The Jigsaw TankGuard system gathers data in real time from all your onsite gauges and feeds it back to a central web service which may be accessed from anywhere in the world on computer phone or tablet.

The system gives the user and overview of all the tanks on the system, warning of any tanks at low stock level, and predicting, from current usage, when the tank stock will need reordering, or will run out.

The system can raise e-mail alerts to request stock re-orders from your purchasing team and even spot stock movements out of hours and send alarms to your security staff.

Most Gauge Types accommodated…

The TankGuard can be configured to communicate with most of the current range of electronic tank gauges including Gilbarco Veeder Root (GVR), OPW, Franklin, OLE, etc. Many other gauges can be configured to emulate one of the more common gauges so it would be unusual to find one it won’t link to. Gauge types may be mixed on a site by using multiple tank guards. One tank guard can manage up to 24 tanks (depending on the gauge type)

All Electronic Gauges have a display showing the current tank stock levels locally, the TankGuard does not interfere with this.

The Tankguards use the GSM Data Network to communicate to the Web Service so can operate worlwide. Other than a periodic status update, levels are only updated when a change in the level is detected minimising SIM data costs.

A pleasure to use …


The Jigsaw TankGuard web software is clean, bright and colourful and a pleasure to use. Because the software is hosted centrally, you have no worries about hardware compatibility, software updates or backups. Data may be accessed through PC’s, Macs, tablets or smart phones as the website is fully reactive to the format of each of these devices.

  • Integrates with a wide range of electronic gauges

  • Near Real Time stock measurement – updates triggered by stock movement

  • Out of hours stock movement alarm
  • Clear picture of stock situation across multiple sites
  • Stock low Warning alarms and e-mails

  • Prediction of time to stock low and stock zero

  • Graphical, historic view stock levels in any tank