Fuel Management Systems

We supply full turn key solutions, the world class Jigsaw Fuel management system. With our onsite support team and real time cloud data base you will always know where the fuel is burning.

Fuel Management Systems Overview

Our Jigsaw Fuel Software has been designed specifically to reflect the benefits of Real Time Fuel Management. Our system is reliable and is focused on real-time and accurate data, and will allow you to ultimately redirect capital to other areas of your operations. The equipment has been designed to extremely high standards and is extremely reliable and suited for the rough African mining conditions we experience. The software has also been designed to be simply operated.

  • The Jigsaw Fuel Software has been designed specifically to reflect the benefits of Real Time Fuel Management.
  • The colour coded user interface highlights any issues as they occur, and allows the causes to be investigated easily.
  • The unique user interface is very simple and intuitive to use requiring only minimal training and little in the way of IT experience.
  • A True Real Time and Web based solution – No polling and system can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Configurable Report Templates that can be periodically auto e-mailed
  • Simple to understand – minimum training required
  • Fully Centralised System – No on site server to manage.
  • Software Updates Managed Centrally
  • Real time Graphical Gauge and Book Stock Comparison.
  • Data can be exported to other software systems such as fleet management packages, SAP, Pronto, and other ERP’s or accounting packages and the like. This data can exported in many formats from simple text files such as CSV through Scheduled FTP transfer to Direct, real time Web Service data transfers.

Fuel Management Systems Overview

Above all other factors, Jigsaw have designed the user interface to be as clear and simple as possible. The site is consistent so that if you see something in red, you know there is an issue – click that warning and you see the details. The site screen is the heart of the user interface. This shows the status of all pumps and tanks on the site along with a list of all the latest fuelling events

Whether you have one fuelling site or fifty, the data is shown in the same clear format. On larger networks, the QuickView page comes in to its own. This highlights any issues across an entire network of sites all on one page.