Fuel Management Systems

We supply full turn key solutions with the world class Jigsaw Fuel management system. Our onsite support team and real time cloud data base will always know where the fuel is burning.


Real time fuel management.

Real Time Fuel Terminal

The Jigsaw Nova has been designed to be one of a new generation of real time, web based fuel management systems. The Nova doesn’t rely on being polled, as with older systems, but automatically connects to a central server in real time. Stock figures are always correct and you can see fuellings on the web site as they occur.

The Jigsaw Nova has been designed with many of the software features of the Eclipse, but at a reduced cost so that single pump sites or mobile refuelling operations can benefit from Real Time Fuel Management.

  • Clear User Interface
  • Single pump configuration
  • All weather and robust.
  • Robust Numeric Keypad
  • Clear, Back Lit Display
  • Mains or DC Operation
    • 12/24 V DC Version – Ideal for Mobile
  • Large Range of ID Options
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Secure Enclosure
  • Interfaces to most Tank Gauge Systems


Mobile Refuelling

The Jigsaw Nova may be powered from a vehicle battery and hence is ideal for mobile refuelling. When used with our Fuel Wand Hand Held ID Reader, and the Fuel Guard Auto Mileage Capture unit, you have a complete mobile refuelling solution, ideal for mines and quarries.

Terminal Features

  • Fully Integrated Communications
  • Robust, Numeric Keypad
  • 4 Line x 20 Character Backlit LCD Display
  • Multiple ID Options
  • Plinth, Wall, and Pump Mounting Options
  • All Stainless Steel Secure Enclosure
  • Interfaces to most Tank Gauge Systems
  • 12/24 V DC Version – Ideal for Mobile Refuelling

Mounting Options

  • Wall/Tank Mount
  • Plinth Mount
  • Pump Top Mount

ID Options

  • RFID Tags – Including non-Jigsaw Tags
  • Jigsaw EasyFuel – Nozzle ID System
  • Jigsaw Midas – Auto Mleage Capture
  • Jigsaw FuelGuard – Auto ID/ Auto Mileage
  • Jigsaw FuelWand Remote ID System

Jigsaw Fuel Management Brochure

Jigsaw Fuel Management Brochure
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