Engineering and Steel Works


AMSI Zambia Engineering and Steel Works


AMSI Zambia has a fully operational independent offsite engineering workshop situated 500M from the doorstep of Kansanshi mine in Solwezi.



We ensure the utmost accuracy and precision by ensuring all jobs are first processed and designed by our engineers. The plans are then sent through to the client for approval and from there our expert boiler makers materialize the plans and create your finished product.



The Team consists of two highly experienced and fully qualified boiler makers with many years of work around mines. One fully qualified engineer and draftsman and 8 assistant boiler makers all under the supervision of our impeccable senior management staff.



We specialize in unique and custom jobs focused around metal works I.E Line Boring. The team is able to do all metal works jobs with precise plans submitted first hand. The Team is also capable of doing full paint jobs.

AMSI has partnered with TASS Engineering to assist in bringing to life, engineering and steel works Projects. With over 40 years of business experience in general industries, TASS Engineering has a wealth of knowledge specialising in the manufacture and erection of structural steelwork.

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TASS Engineering is a privately owned company, specialising in the manufacture and erection of structural steelwork for use in general industry and have been in business for forty years.

TASS Engineering Business Definition:

Structural steel contractors, manufacturing and erecting steel structures and buildings.

Vision Statement

To be recognised as a leading supplier of choice by supplying quality products and rendering an outstanding service on time and within budget.


Structural Steelwork, Mining & Commercial.

Plate work, Architectural Steel, Microwave Towers.

Conveyor steelwork, Bridges, Shopping Centres.

Industrial Buildings and Mining Structures.

Mission Statement

Obtain recurring business by building long term relationships with sound customers, creating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Develop a loyal, proud and contented workforce by empowering them through training and recognition as well as ensuring them of a safe work environment.

Build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with “value for money” suppliers.

Serve the community in which the workforce resides.