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As we move into a greener future our cutting edge eco friendly green-tech chemicals will revolutionise your operation, from dust suppression to water treatment we will help you out as well as the environment

Stockpile Sealant

LX-100 is a concentrated crusting and coating agent for sealing stock-piles of all types.

The latex-based binder can be applied to storage piles in order to form a windproof, rainproof coating. When properly applied, storage piles treated with African Mining Solutions’ LX-100 will resist rain loss for over a period of 12 months.

A superior stockpile sealant, LX-100 can be used on a wide range of materials, including coal, fly ash, sand, limestone, and a variety of aggregates and mineral deposits.

LX-100 is a cost effective way to mitigate many of the issues attributed to unsealed mineral stockpiles—including moisture absorption control, oxidation, and material loss due to wind and rain—as well as improving environmental conditions related to stockpile storage and runoff.

LX-100 has been tested and is not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. It is considered a nonhazardous product and can be shipped through a variety of methods to any part of the country, in any quantity.


Long-term storage pile stabilization of

  • Coal storage piles
  • Metallurgical Coke storage piles
  • Petroleum Coke storage piles
  • Fly Ash piles
  • Tailings dams
  • Aggregate storage
  • Lime storage
  • Other solid minerals


  • Creates a firm, durable crust.
  • Waterproof once cured.
  • No chlorinated compounds.
  • Oxidizes into CO2 and water when burned.
  • Simple to apply, easy to dilute.


  • Control erosion from water.
  • Eliminate dust from wind.
  • Reduce spontaneous combustion.
  • Effectively binds excessive fines.
  • Improve relations with customers, nearby site neighbors, communities, and local governments by reducing fugitive dust loss.
  • Eliminates maintenance and cleanup costs associated with untreated stockpiles over the long term.

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