Eco Friendly Chemical Solutions

As we move into a greener future our cutting edge eco friendly green-tech chemicals will revolutionise your operation, from dust suppression to water treatment we will help you out as well as the environment

Asphalt Release Agents

The ARA Product Line was designed to provide a clear cut green solution to Asphalt Carry-back.

Eco Solution Distributing’s ARA-100 is a proprietary emulsion that was specifically formulated for the asphalt and road construction marketplace. ARA-100 is designed to prevent the adhesion and assist in the easy removal of any type of asphalt.

ARA-100 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly; making it the choice replacement for diesel fuel as a asphalt release agent.

ARA-100 can be diluted between 1:5 and 1:20 with water. ARA-100 can be applied with a hand wand, automated spray system or with a foam generator.


  • Prevents the Adhesion of Asphalt to All Applied Surfaces
  • Customized Application Equipment /Installation
  • 100% Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
  • Dilution Rates between 1:5 and 1:20
  • Product can be applied as a Liquid or Foam

Effective Applications

  • Asphalt Truck Beds / Dumps
  • Rubber Tire and Steel Rollers
  • Drag Slats
  • Pavers / Paving Equipment
  • Conveyors / Belts
  • Hand Tools / Spreader Bars

Storage and Handling

The product should be stored in a closed container between 40-80 Deg. F. Short-term exposure to higher or lower temperatures will not harm the product.

Eco Solution’s ARA-100 should not be frozen and the expedited shelf life is 12 months

Eco Solutions Brochure

Eco Solutions Brochure
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